Whenever I think of dangerous, I think of some exciting, thrilling – usually stupid- bit of fun. When I think of dangerous thoughts, it’s usually dark or sinful. I guess that’s not always the case though.

Anywho, it’s my third and final full day at the convent for recollection. I HIGHLY recommend, recollection and the convent lol. It’s been pretty darn fruitful. I’ve never been so quiet in my life, I bet some of you doubt that I can -in fact- be quiet. It was eerie at first, challenging too, but after the first day of relative silence I fell in love with it. I’ve been able to do things I never knew possible, unless you’re a dude. I got to clean IN the Sanctuary, the very steps of the altar. Clean candlesticks. Polish pews. And windows. And doors and baseboards and you get the point. You may think, “Antigone that’s a lot of cleaning you weirdo” but if you know me, you know. I’m getting away from myself with the cleaning, sorry! Uhhhh moving on. We’ve had some pretty dope conferences, presentations et cetera you even learn during meals! Cool! My point is, I like it. I miss it already. I don’t wanna leave. Darn our parents jkjkjk God’s plan and all that hehehe.

But uh dangerous thoughts. Like, “hmm wouldn’t it be convenient if I was always wearing a veil” and ” dang I wanna take chant class and catechism and be cool” but hey we’ll see amirite ladies. Amirite?


Grilled Cheese

I thought I should let everyone know that I just had the best grilled cheese of my life. I would like to thank gabberella, God, and Jesus. It was not the standard grilled cheese but instead Panera bread and pepper jack, with sautéed onions and mushrooms in the middle, perfectly crispy thank to a half stick of butter. It was truly delectable. Besides this grilled cheese, today has been good. I got to go to mass, had a pretty good day in class, the weather was amazeballs , got to pray in front of a Planned Parenthood for the first time, and even got to go to Stations of the Cross. I’m laying down for a bit, perhaps embroidering a gift for my pal Connie, before shower and compline. That’s all folks (pronouncing the L to make fun of Gab of course). Today’s special is brought to you by the American Institute for the Advancement of Grilled Cheese in Society.

Stream of Consciousness I

Yup. This is all you get, not a long, well thought out update but the thoughts of that happen to run through my mind right now. Anyway, they go something like this:

I miss you guys. Individually and as a whole. I was reminded because while walking out of compline I passed by some siblings, all pretty grown up chatting with the youngest one (a boarder) and I thought “hey that’s cool” and “I wish I could stand around with my family after going to compline and tell the story about the food fight the day previously” but I can’t and that’s alright. I’m grateful to have you at all.

It’s nice to have Margaret here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s weird and sometimes inconvenient, but it’s always a blessing. Either she’s being funny and helpful which is cool or she’s being eh and helps me grow in patience….most of the time I fail at that but anywho. It’s nice to see her and nice for her to be exposed to all that good ol Catholic stuff again for a while. She’s better at compline than I and I’ve been going for almost 3 weeks.

Gab is cool, if ya didn’t know. Which you probably did, so I don’t have to tell ya. Next.

I hope to visit the Society Sisters in Minnesota for most of Holy Week. They’re doing this visit thing for gals my age and I’d be road tripping out with my pal here, Connie, who lives there. If I do go, two of the boarding boys will be tagging along to Minnesota to visit the Society Brothers there. That’s pretty cool. When Gab gets back from Idaho we’re planning on going up to Nicholville to visit Katie. So that’s cool too.

I took a break to braid Gab’s hairs. It was nice, her hair was nice, even she was nice. I haven’t braided in a while and it reminds me of when I was the designated Braider of my soccer team before games in high school. I might go give myself a trim right now. I think I will. BYE FELECIA! jk but really I’m gonna in 2 secs.

In the morning I hope to actually wake up at reasonable hour, make some coffee and do some catechism because I’ve cereally been neglecting it. Is it just here or have the sermons been kickass lately? Goodnight, God bless, don’t let the bed bugs bite. Time for a snip 😉

PS as it turns out it was pretty long though extremely disjointed and entirely pointless.

Penitentiary or Penitential?

Accidentally said the former to Mary-Mag while chatting about Septuagesima earlier and had a chuckle.

Anywhooo, it’s nice to hear from you guys occasionally and I’m one of those guilty ones who don’t write enough.

To begin with I suppose, I’ll let the Southern Sisters know if they aren’t yet aware: I won’t be coming down quite yet, for a while actually. I’m in PoHo till the end of February, mostly just cleaning and making tea. After that I’m heading back to Syracuse and I’ll be assistant teaching in kindergarten and lending a hand anywhere else, at the school, I can. While hanging out with Gab of course 😜 and getting back on the healthy wagon. I’m BEYOND excited to spend time with GAB in NY in the SPRING while having a treasure trove of daily spiritual activities at hand, I’m even eager to get back to the classroom. I kinda miss those runts but don’t tell them I said that. But back to informing those Southern Sisters, I’m kinda planning on coming down for the summer! Yeehaw! However I don’t have a plan for next year yet. Kinda winging it #gypsyfamily.

Speaking of plans, goals, et cetera. If Gab can afford to visit ID for Easter Break then I was thinking I might do this Holy Week thing with the Society sisters in Minnesota. Also, Lenten plans n stuff – I want to start praying the Angelus at least once a day if not all three; I want to go to daily mass, hopefully Compline daily; really work on my Catechism and start reading about the saints. What are your Lenten plans?

Anyway, Gab is laying right next to me and I’m gonna chat with her instead of writing here. Love ya!! xoxo Antigone

Free Fall

So it looks like stuff is up in the air right now. It’s kinda nice, quite familiar.

To clarify, here is the uncertainty – the source of my weightlessness: I received a text from work saying that there isn’t a place for me anymore. (totally not my fault but anywho) This means that I have no ties to Detroit and I’m free to do as I please, as long as I can get a job and save for coaledge things.

I can go back to PoHo for a while: help out with cleaning, adding structure of all sorts. Stay till my car is fixed at least. Maybe stay till I’m ready to move for coaledge, get a job, who knows.

I could wait for my car and move down sooner.

I could hop over to ID and work for the summer while hanging with the bros.

If BVM needed a recess surveyor, I could do that.

Anywho, let me know if you have any input or questions for me and keep me in your prayers so I don’t make a really spontaneous yet dumb decision 🙂

A Rarity

heyyo, it’s me again. I figured since Gab has been hinting, pestering rather, about all of us writing – I ought to do it eventually and eventually is now. What a comedic-ly contradictory phrase..anywho. Since my last post some time has elapsed and some things have transpired: I got a job, visited Gab in Syracuse, dropped out of school, acquired some hermit crabs, you know how it is. But really, it’s been a while I guess. I work at a pizzeria in the trendy part of Detroit as a hostess, food runner, busser, and phone operator from Tuesday through Saturday making $10/hr plus tips. It’s pretty neat and the food is good errr the pay is good, however my commute isn’t the most fun (mostly because of the cold). I had the privilege of spending thanksgiving with Gabrielle! and Father Gardner and frenchie technically. It was marvelous and a complete riot. I didn’t actually drop out of school but with changing my major and working 5 days a week my attendance isn’t exemplary I suppose. I do, however, go to my art history class every week because I adore it; my last class is tomorrow (technically today) and we have our exam. I got an A on the first one but I’m a little worried about this one because we covered so many more styles/periods and because I had little prior knowledge about some of them. The hermit crabs are for the boys’ Christmas gift very shortly in Florida. Speaking of which, I’m going to be in Florida very shortly! I’m excited to take some chill pills, hang with my sibs, nephews, and… father? This should be memorable at the very least. Anywho that what’s up right now, I’m happy to see Gab and Tess posting frequently and I hope we all become regulars. God bless and sweet dreams xoxo Antigone

update XD

Hey y’all!! It’s been a hot sec hasn’t it, time flies when you’re having fun I guess. Three weeks since I moved, damn. Anywho, some updates! I’m still waiting on my FASFA stuff (as Phil knows) and that’s pretty much my main stressor. There’s also some unidentified stress floating around, just from the caliber of change going on in my life. Everything from where, when, how, how much, and with whom, I do everyday things like eat, sleep, study, work, pray, talk, read et cetera – has changed. WHOO COLLEGE!! It’s a very interesting time though and I’m grateful for some change, I have a lot to be grateful for and appreciate – as you all know, if you’ve seen my dorm B) (kind of lonely though). As for the actual educational side of college, I have class everyday. Monday and Thursday are the days holding the bulk of it with 7 hours and 11 hours of class, respectfully. Tuesday and Friday hold only a single hour of class each day. Fun fact, I’ve learned that there’s an equal amount of homework time as class time, so for my 6 hour studios I have 6 hours of homework 🙂 My professors, who are all artists themselves, are broke and depressed – one straight out said, “don’t be an artist”. Really gives me something to think about LOL I should probably just marry rich but for now I’m here. On to more positive subjects, the prospect of family ‘glamping’ or traveling, specifically holiday and next summer, put a smile on my face and a bounce in my step.

Speaking of which, I should work on those savings, leading to my next subject – I applied to my school’s cafeteria and it is the most promising and convenient job so far. I miss working; didn’t think I’d say that but senseless work has been hard to come by recently.

I’m not sure what else to write… I finished all of my Chase sign up stuff finally, I can get $100 by completing 10 paperless tasks so if you want me to quickpay you lemme know :p I’m sorry about the length and disorganization of this but I hope by implementing this “highs/lows” thing frequently it’ll sort itself out. The basis of “highs/lows” is just outlining or listing the ups and downs of the day or week, I think it will be a less intimidating task compared to a more cohesive but wordy post.

Finally, if anyone has any questions – ask away! I’m not quite sure what is interesting or unknown. That being said, here are my questions:

@ Teresa – How is married life? any unforeseen challenges/benefits? how’s the house coming along? what do you listen to on your commute? near plans/goals?

@ Philumina – How’s school/work? what do you do? is Cas getting potty trained? can Liam read? what do they need or want for Christmas? plans/goals?

@ Gabrielle – Do you live alone or in a teachers’ house? do you still do compline daily? any updates on vocational stuff?

@ Mary – How is living with Tefferson? how is work? what do you do at work? plans/goals?

@ everyone – What are you watching? listening to? reading? what are your recent favorites (drinks, experiences, foods, media)? what is a day in the life?

I’ll conclude with my school days off. Thanksgiving: 11/22-25 Winter: 12/15-1/6