If I ask you a question, will you take a couple days or a week to think about it, then actually answer me? I don’t want an instant response, because that wouldn’t be right. But I don’t want you to forget either. Maybe in a few days just come back and comment. If you want to. If you have an answer at all, or an inclination to think about it. No pressure if you don’t. I’m just hunting.

What is currently most assisting you in your Catholic faith? Or what has in the past? This is probably a loaded question. Maybe I can clarify a little with further questions, but I only really need one answer.

What is the most concrete, stable element of your current progress, and why do you think it’s working for you? What is your daily reminder, not to fulfill an obligation, but a reminder that you love God, or that your will is ‘in it’? What is the thing that moves your intellect or will towards God, even when your heart won’t budge or you haven’t done the duties or gone through the motions you know you’re supposed to do to ‘be Catholic’? What brings you back when you’re forgetting or losing touch? Is it a prayer? A certain saint’s life and example? Sufficient fear of damnation? Curiosity? Nostalgia? Spiritual readying? A person (what did they do that helped)? What drives your vocation to remain even tangentially a path to salvation? What changes your mind when you’re almost giving up or when you wish you could just reject it all for an easier path? What or who taps you on the shoulder when you’re a mess and makes you think, “Oh, right… I knew that”? Exactly what kinds of threads connect your heartstrings to anything eternal when the world’s cords are fully synthetic and very shiny? What prayers are “easy” because they actually mean something to you and can get you praying when nothing else does?

Too many questions. One answer is great, though, really. My mind is just a’wandering.


3 thoughts on “Q+A

  1. In short, Gab. Also, some devotions throughout the day ie morning offering, the Angelus, meditations, compline – really break up my day, allow me to refocus and reorient myself and my life’s purpose. Not to be cheesy but yeah.

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    1. Alrighty. Gab? You heard the woman. You’ve got to come reform my spiritual life before you leave for convent. Deal? Thx.

      Antigone, thanks for being the one to answer. I got your texts as well and I’m thinking through it all in my slow minded way. I love you.


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