Whenever I think of dangerous, I think of some exciting, thrilling – usually stupid- bit of fun. When I think of dangerous thoughts, it’s usually dark or sinful. I guess that’s not always the case though.

Anywho, it’s my third and final full day at the convent for recollection. I HIGHLY recommend, recollection and the convent lol. It’s been pretty darn fruitful. I’ve never been so quiet in my life, I bet some of you doubt that I can -in fact- be quiet. It was eerie at first, challenging too, but after the first day of relative silence I fell in love with it. I’ve been able to do things I never knew possible, unless you’re a dude. I got to clean IN the Sanctuary, the very steps of the altar. Clean candlesticks. Polish pews. And windows. And doors and baseboards and you get the point. You may think, “Antigone that’s a lot of cleaning you weirdo” but if you know me, you know. I’m getting away from myself with the cleaning, sorry! Uhhhh moving on. We’ve had some pretty dope conferences, presentations et cetera you even learn during meals! Cool! My point is, I like it. I miss it already. I don’t wanna leave. Darn our parents jkjkjk God’s plan and all that hehehe.

But uh dangerous thoughts. Like, “hmm wouldn’t it be convenient if I was always wearing a veil” and ” dang I wanna take chant class and catechism and be cool” but hey we’ll see amirite ladies. Amirite?


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