Every day I think of another thing I want to share with you, usually a thought that has occurred to me.. Sometimes it’s a huge revelation, but I know it would be taken badly, and sometimes it’s just something funny that happened during the day. I’m not going to write about them right now, but once I’ve gotten to Idaho and maybe slept and experienced the Darkness (hahaha… ‘Cause Tenebrae) I’m always looking forward to seeing all of you again but now I also dread it a little because I know that any time could be the last. I’m just not dwelling…I know there are bigger things I’m aiming for, so it’s a okay. Still, y’all know me and my emotions. #isthatevenlegal #imakeitlegal #dontdodrugs

Uuuugh. I looked away for a minute and the red Sox game against the Yanks went from 3-1 to 3-5. What is with this season!?

Tig left me yesterday for the convent. #feels.

Earpods are a thing… Who knew? #underarock

Yeah, how are Marg, Irene, Phil, and Mary? #¡marco!!!!!


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