I’m really excited about Antigone’s grilled cheese. That’s one of my favorite foods which I’ve been craving for a while now, and I’m inspired to have some. Unfortunately dinner has already been made and is being kept warm until Jefferson gets back and we can eat. Oh look he’s texting me. Never mind, he said nothing to indicate he’s coming home at all…


I’m also excited that in about two months Gabrielle and Antigone will be here to stay with us for the summer! Ugh, it’s going to be so disgustingly good to see them. I wish it was sooner.


V excited for school to be out. The countdown is like 46 days til it’s all over, and I couldn’t be more excited for retirement. Unless I had a retirement fund… that would actually be ridiculously helpful.

I made chicken alfredo linguine with green pesto for dinner. Super hungry smelling it waft around the house. Get home hubby!

I’m starting to look chubby, mostly due to water retention and increased blood volume etc, I think, rather than actual weight gain. My appetite comes and goes but it’s never enough to feel like I’m “eating for two” as they say. Guess that’s still coming. But yeah I figure in another couple of weeks it’ll be more clear that I’m “showing” rather than just plumping up. Can’t wait to do another ultrasound and see what the heck kinda baby Bub is. I’m still leaning toward boy but who the heck knows.

Lent is almost over. The only app I have consistently allowed myself to use during lent has been Duolingo which has been phenomenal for my Spanish, but even though I didn’t give up all internet for lent it sure has become easy to forget I can use apps like WordPress… sorry guys, I know it’s downright neglect.

I kinda wish lent were not almost over, even though on the other hand I am excited for Easter time. Idk. I wish I was just holier year round…

I might fall asleep while writing this. Maybe I should call Jefferson and see when he’s heading home. I’m sleepy. And hungry. The usual.

Speaking of which I just found out I’m ridiculously anemic with over 10% lower red blood cell count than the minimum range should be, soooo… that explains a LOT.

Okay, done rambling for now. Ptb y’all.


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